Customer Services opening hours in the new Northamptonshire unitary authorities

Closed 23 Aug 2020

Opened 27 Jul 2020


The way local government services are delivered is changing in Northamptonshire - and we want you to help shape those services.

The eight existing councils – Wellingborough, Corby, Daventry, East Northants, Kettering, Northampton, Northamptonshire County and South Northants – will be replaced with two brand new unitary councils on 1 April 2021. At the moment, you contact Northamptonshire County Council for services such as Adult Social Care, Children’s Social Care and schools and your local district or borough council for services such as waste and recycling, Council Tax, Housing and Planning.

You can do this in a number of ways - many services can be accessed online at any time and any day of the week and this will continue when the new unitary councils go live on 1 April 2021.

You can also contact your local council in person, by dropping into one of the customer service centres.

Each of the councils also has a customer service telephone line which allows customers to call with enquiries or requests.

Over the next few pages, we'd like to ask you some questions about the opening hours for customer services in the new unitary councils when they go live, thinking about the opening hours now and how they might change in the future. This will not affect the out of hours contact for services such safeguarding and homelessness.

Your feedback will help us to design customer services in the new North Northamptonshire Council and West Northamptonshire Council.